Step 1

Well… there’s something up. In fact, there’s something more than there was. However, past the Portfolio page, none of the text on the pages are links yet. I only have so much time, and frankly totally didn’t notice till I started putting stuff up, and by that point, I seriously didn’t give a damn.

Is this a final layout? No, not terribly likely. It’s more a mockup… to get a look down before dealing with the whole “it’s a bunch of images that don’t really fit into browser windows” issue.

Step 2 will take a lot of work.

Step 3….

…aw shit. If you don’t know what step 3 is, you don’t watch enough South Park. Fuck off.

(i’m getting soooo veerrry sleepppyyy….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……)

Nearly forgot linkage.
main site
obviously, the “portfolio” link. DUH.

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  1. jb Says:

    Step 1: steal underpants
    Step 2: ????
    Step 3: profit


    Site’s looking sweet!

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