Another step closer

I’ve gotten pics of all the pieces (painted only) currently in my possession (some have already been gifted away) that have been finished. After getting a couple of the painting I gave Sandy, I’ll be able to get them up. Until then there’s the fun editing process to make them look a bit better, choosing which pics were the best in order to display, etc.

Some of my wallpapers are ready to go up, as are a few other graphics I’ve made over the last year or so.

I also have pics of a few unfinished pieces. I had a project in my painting class where I was supposed to use photographic images, at least 2, and incorporate them into a painting. I handed in something else, which got an A. I wasn’t able to finish the one I had intended due to the insanely long drying time of the paint, I goofed a few times and needed to repaint which made it worse, and the fact that I did it in a layered fashion which was probably not the best bet on a piece that had a due date, but I really couldn’t come up with something better. I might get around to finishing it some day, as I still have in a folder all the images I was planning on using for it.

While I do have other things I need to get done this weekend, I’m thinking that it shouldn’t be that tough to at least get the pages up and linked to.

It’s kinda odd… but not. One only really needs to see oneself as one wishes to be to then start making progress toward that goal. I am an artist. Perhaps not a professional (ie paid) artist, but I am an artist. Have been for some time. I need to stop seeing myself as anything but. …If I’m gonna get anywhere in all of this, that is.

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