As time goes by…

I realize…

That I’m failing to get together my portfolio. I’m not finishing crap, I’m not working on my site, I’m just doing schoolwork or slacking off. So this evening I’ll finish up some of the things I have going on, in addition to studying for my Engrish test. Then I can scan stuff and take pics of stuff by friday and get up something this weekend.

Got myspace and deviantart accounts, hoping that’ll prod me to get my ass in gear.

and for those that commented and cared…

…or something like that.

I got an 85 on that part of the project (2/3 of which was not posted).
I could have done better, and felt so myself, but I just wasn’t feeling it when I did it. Didn’t really push enough. After handing it in I had tons of really cool ideas, but alas.


I have to get dressed and head off to drama.

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