I’m pooped.
Cardio took nearly the last out of me. (Something else did me in, but I’m not the kind of girl to kiss and tell.) I don’t actually think my heartrate has dropped below 70 since that stupid bodypump class.
I’m exhausted.

It’s late, I need to make food soon. Otto’s doing cardio at the moment and I want something ready for when he’s done. I’m nice that way.

I’ve found that noone does psychotic angst better than some of the trolls at The Cauldron. It’s terribly amusing to read.

I’m feeling awefully scattered as well. I was ok after my post-cardio shower, but after that I’ve gotten more… spacey. I need to drink more water. Pop tasted nummy but water is likely what I need. I’ll get some when I get up in a minute.

I’ve slacked off all week from working out. Face did me in partly, but also, I’ve been feeling lazy.
Tomorrow looking to get in a lift (upper) then the bodypump class (which is very low weigh, very high rep, kinda like what you were describing, kit, kind of thing), then hopefully cardio. Then I’ll go home and die. Hopefully I’ll be able to drive. That should make up for my tuesday-friday slack-fest.

I don’t actually have anything to say.

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