you know….

Ok, I’m sick of my jaw hurting. Apparently, a soccer ball at high velocity should not be caught with the face. I’ll remember that for next game.


I’m really feeling blah. No lasting damage, other than the hurting, and I’ll prolly end up with some ugly bruises that’ll make life amusing for a bit… at least there’s no swelling anymore. It would just be nice if I could chew or move my hair or touch my face and not have it hurt.

oh well.
At least my ribs are feeling better.

I should lift tonite. I’ll prolly at least cardio, but I should lift.
Problem is that since the scale is going UP, I’m beginning to lack the inclination to bother. It’s not just the scale, the abs are getting bigger, which, on a gal with some extra flab in the mid-section ends up looking like more flab.

I’m feeling a bit whiney, I guess.

I need to center… and ground….

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