The Yellow Wallpaper

I’m writing a paper on it due in 2 weeks (for no extra credit, no penalty). First, I was planning on a feminist criticism kind of thing… but then I’m finding I’m going all over the place, with things that may or may not fit in, and having difficulty coming up with a focused thesis.

So, I’m concentrating on symbolism.
Which, considering this paper and me who I am, is damn near everything in the story.

Ugh. Everything from the nailed down bed (forced rest, size = domination of that “cure” and society) to the wallpaper itself (and all it’s little elements…). The fact that I know things as an artist that perhaps others may not think about…

At least it’d make for an easy paper to spit out. Refinement may take a bit, but at least I’ll have a draft for tomorrow without too much trouble.

Long ago, I used to read because it was fun. Then I started reading into what I was reading and ever since then I can only read so much before going batty. Yes, sometimes a cigar is really just a cigar, but artists, including writers, rarely include stupid cruft. Everything has a purpose. Maybe not a deeper, symbolic meaning, but at least a purpose.

It’s not that I dislike doing this, it’s that I have a headache, and so it really feels like a chore. Plus, I need this in draft form by tomorrow. It’s always tough getting out those initial thoughts coherent enough to make something someone else can actually read. It’s not due for 2 weeks tho, so I’ll have plenty of time for refinement. I mean, I can’t have a headache for 2 whole weeks…

Back to the papermill…


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