Smoke Free Home :)

Yeah, I wouldn’t get it unless I was sure it didn’t smell like cigarettes. Now that I know it don’t… I’m thinking I’d love her thong up my ass.
SEXY FETISH black latex rubber bodysuit and 2 skirts

There are just some things I guess I’ll have to pass on… and second hand fetish gear is one of ‘em.

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  1. otto Says:

    Just in case the original craislist post goes away:

    “Make his temperature rise this Valentines……Ideal Fetish and Night out or in wear… Great bodysuit by Skin Two London, low scoop neck and thong in back, (M) $30

    High waist, mid-length pencil skirt with ruffle in the back, House of Harlot, (M) $50

    Classic mini skirt with top to bottom zipper with ruffle in the back, House of Harlot, (M) $50

    Smoke free home :)”


  2. kitmouse Says:

    Oh ICK ICK ICK. Fetish gear is “one owner” stuff! ICK!

    Especially latex…you sweat heavily in that stuff…ICK.

  3. Aoife Says:

    I knew you’d want it too, kit. :-P

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