How Aoife got her groove back

So… if one manages to look at my workout calendar for last month, one would see (once I was no longer sick) that I’ve been in the gym 5-4 days a week. Actual count for January looks something like this:
4 days sick (still tried working out, just didn’t work well.)
20 days of workout or soccer
2 of those had 2 workouts in a day
7 days off

While I wasn’t hugely slacking before that, I’d not been doing quite so much. I’m looking to get in 2 days of lift, 3 days of cardio, and a soccer game a week. I’m fairly on track with that, but, of course, I could be doing more.

What’s changed from before when I was just so … unmotivated?
The gym membership helped, as did getting the elliptical.
The personal training sessions were a boost.
I’ve convinced myself I don’t hate cardio. That really is just a mind set.

But, largely, I just fucking did it. Because, if ya sit around waiting for motivation to come bite you on the fucking ass… it never will. So I got off my lazy ass, even on days that I had something else to do, and got me to the gym. And after a couple months, it’s habit again. After doing it for a while, motivation came back via the extra energy working out regularly gives me, via the leaning out factor working out was doing, via the increased lung capacity and stamina all that cardio was giving me.

It’s all a mindset. Having the gym membership meant that the day’s workout couldn’t be put off forever. The gym closes at 10, I have to get there by 9 (or 930 for cardio), or I can’t get a workout in. None of this, “I’ll do it later” shit till I eventually just give up and go to bed.

I like working out. Always have… while I’m doing it. The necessary component was simply forcing myself to do it, to get there, to be working out. You always dread that which you have to do, even the good stuff sometimes. But once you actually do, and not have it hanging over you anymore, the relief of not having it to do coupled with the good feeling of having done it, added to the great feeling the workout gives you… THAT is what keeps you from slacking, giving up, and tossing on a few extra pounds like everyone else around you.

We got the gym membership before the holidays. So, while everyone else was adding 5-30 pounds for no other reason than pure gluttony, we were working to lose that much. Granted, I haven’t actually lost anything… damn fucking Seasonale, but I’ve definitely leaned up. My face has lost that little bit of extra roundness, my arms don’t be all jiggly, my ass is back where it should be, and totally smackable, I can fit into clothes I wasn’t before. I’m not sure if I can actually cut the weight itself off, at least, not while I’m on the pill, but I see no reason for that to keep me from trying.

I’m thinking, once summer comes and I have more free time (no classes, or only one if I do take something), of upping everything. Working out like crazy, and eating whatever I need to.
link -Berardi’s T-nation article.
Just because I think it would be fun. And because I think it might make a difference.

But, to anyone still struggling to find the motivation to start doing whatever needs doing: Stop fucking looking for it, and start fucking being it.

I need food.

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