War wounds


So, although my toe no longer hurts, it still looks ugly as shit. Which makes my toesies not as cute as they used to be. What if no more foot fettishists proposition me? What will I do?


My hand feels mostly better, though too much pressure (bodyweight, concentrated pressure, etc) causes me some discomfort. Hopefully leg day will require no effort from my poor little hand.

So… anyone know when this kind of toe thing gets better? (ie… no ugly toe syndrom?)

Soccer is a bitch.

They look way worse in real life. :-(

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  1. Harry Says:

    Yeah….That toe is gonna be purlple/black/blue for a while. I have seen some stay that color for months.

    And that hand, you may want to get some X-rays….that kind of bruise is never good. Lot of little bones in the hand and wrist.

  2. condorman Says:

    Wow. Your toes look ugly, but your hardwood floor sure looks nice.

  3. Harry Says:

    Hardwood floors???

    I didnt see any hardwood floors…..

    OH you mean the ones under her foot :D gotcha

  4. Axis Says:

    After hitting it with a hammer, my thumbnail was purple like that for about 3 months.

    I imagine it depends on how fast your toenail grows, and whether or not it falls off entirely.

  5. Aoife Says:

    “whether or not it falls off entirely.”

    AHHH… NO! I only kicked a ball… please tell me you’re joking. I kinda need my toes, nails and all.

  6. Harry Says:

    He is right, I have lost a nail on my big toe once…..Not a pretty thing.

    Did you drag your toe on the ground while running or kicking? or didyou just hit it with something?

  7. Aoife Says:

    No… I just kicked the ball. I wasn’t wearing soccer shoes, I was wearing runners (mistake #1) and it was a head on, full squnch on my toe kick (mistake #2). I almost made a goal tho… so it was kinda cool. Never even came close to a goal before…

    This was like a month ago now, and right away there were no problems, this didn’t show up for a few days.


    At least it’s coverable with polish… so it’s not quite so horrid looking for the sandals…

  8. Aoife Says:

    The floor was what we got when it was built, the foyer.. hence why we want the rest of the downstairs wooded as well… much better than the carpet (but it would have been huge moolah to have them do it…)

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