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Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Today’s ride home was… interesting.

First and most certainly foremost: Hot as fucking hell hottie on a bike. I almost turned around and picked her up. But, I was doing 55 down a 2 lane road and still have bad memories of sliding into a ditch. But she stayed in my rearview mirror for a bit and all I’s got to say is Thanks! guy who made spandex….

Then there was the guy jogging… backwards. Noone else around, he was just jogging… backwards. For no apparent reason, and not terribly quickly, and not even really looking behind himself. Odd.

On the morbid side… there was a lot of roadkill today… the last one being a squirrel which was fairly squished… as in the only reason I knew it was a squirrel (and I usually avert my eyes from roadkill, it seriously disturbs me) was that every time a fucking car passed that goddamn fluffy tail would up and wiggle a bit. And there was fairly heavy traffic. bleah

Speaking of squirrels, one was on the school grounds as I was leaving class, digging or something. Till he noticed someone (me) too near him and skittered up a tree… to sit on the side and stand there pretending to be one with the tree. That was funny.

I’m worried for our future…aka, why pink is soo telling
I’m taking a statistics class. Basically, I had a choice when I started in my math path. I could take calc, or I could take some “real world” math and statistics. I’m not overfond of calc. I’ve taken freshman calc twice now, but both so long ago that grades don’t matter. I’m sure I could have done just fine, but I was hoping for something a little more interesting and suches.

Apparently, the real choice was calc or a class for the stupid twits of the world (STotW).

So, basically, this class is a statistics class, using excel. Now, I don’t expect everyone to know how to use excel. But, you’d figure that if someone is going through VERY SIMPLE things STEP BY SLOW-ASSED STEP that pretty much anyone could follow along. You’d be wrong.

#1… download the file from site onto the desktop. Do Not open it from site because you won’t be able to actually do anything with it.

(Guess how many times she said that. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a number between 8 and 12)
(Guess how many people didn’t bother downloading it onto their desktop.)

#2… open the file and type in this and then do that and then do that. Don’t forget to add in the “$” because you will end up with the referred to cell being wrong.
(Guess what I’m gonna say here.)

Sigh, we get all the way through VERY SIMPLE things like this fucking frequency table, and this chick… head to toe in pink, with a pink bag and a pink purse (and a pink phone, if you can believe it)… this chick (blonde, of course) is wondering why her calculations (which she was doing wrong to begin with) weren’t working out right.

She never actually downloaded the fucking file, she was using it on the site and therefore wasn’t allowed to do anything.

So we go through another, and this time she has the file on her desktop… but that does not stop her from winning the STotW award. Step, by very slow step we do a simple calculation process to come up with cumulative frequency. Each step laid out in agonizingly slow detail…. HOW COULD YOU NOT DO THIS?

Apparently… it was too much for her tiny little brain. She was horribly behind, doing everything wrong, had to ask for another run through.

If this is all this class is gonna be… I’m seriously thinking I shoulda taken the calc route…

the toe knows

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Salad and curd

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Money for nothin

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The year of the monkey

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Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

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