Soccer tonite

Ugh. A 10pm game. Those just aren’t all that swell. Being not done till nearly 11… good thing I don’t have class till 2 tomorrow.

I have a paper to work on, some reading for Drama is my immediate homework.

Mousie is liking playing in the window. The first nice day in a bit… so I thought some fresh air would be nice.

Today started out shitty, but I’ve gotten over it. Including the drunk ass in front of me on my way to school driving 30 in a 45 and swerving all over the place.

Gee… nothing much to say really.

2 Responses to “Soccer tonite”

  1. Jacko Says:

    I thought I was the only person that had 10pm soccer games !

    Christ I dont stop sweating tilll around 2am

  2. Aoife Says:

    Well… at least it’s indoor….

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