Whining for a moment

My shoulder hurts. The icepack that would be most convenient to use is not cold. (Well, I put it in the freezer so eventually it will be.) I guess I can thank my stupid-butt trainer, who decided that yesterday needed to be an upper day.

I made the mistake of sleeping on it some, but mostly it’s a “your shoulders suck, esp this one, and we’re gonna punish you for trying to strengthen it” kind of thing.

Posting my new workout on the workout page, and thought I take a moment to bitch.

Also, it’s so very odd that my back is way stronger than my front. It seems, in practice, that it’s a matter of the shoulders. They can barely handle the pushing motions. The pulls… I mean I can easily row over 100, but on bench I’m very, very weak. Like… 25-30 pounds on the hammerstrength machine weak. (I have no idea how much weight it is for the machine, but I’d guess not all that much.)

This sucks.

Wishing I had ice…

3 Responses to “Whining for a moment”

  1. otto Says:

    The bad trainer told me 15. I think that might be right, if it’s per side.

  2. Aoife Says:

    Well, there was 7.5 pounds in weight on there… so I hope it itself weighs a lot. Otherwise, that is totally sad.

  3. otto Says:

    I can only manage 25-30 a side for those kinds of reps, so it’s gotta be something reasonably big.

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