Help me out, please.

I told you I’d ask for some help…

I’m posting scans of a few pieces of my current project. Please tell me what sort of feelings (emotions) you think I’m trying to portray/represent.

It’ll only take a minute… just a comment…





I have a project I’m working on… These are supposed to be representative of certain emotions… I’m wondering how well I’ve done to a non-art-specific, non-grading audience.

I only really like the first and last ones, personally.

5 Responses to “Help me out, please.”

  1. Harry Says:

    Excitment, bordom, anger, depression?

  2. kitmouse Says:

    I’m really bad at art.

    1) excitement
    2) loneliness
    3) stress
    4) depression of abandonment

  3. kitmouse Says:

    Depression OR abandonment, even.

  4. shrinkingmike Says:

    1. anger
    2. lonliness
    3. happyness
    4. sadness/despair

  5. otto Says:

    excitement, focus, surprise, space invadersadventure.

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