Fun, fun day

And by “fun” I mean NOT!

So… oh… where shall we start?

Woke up a minute or 3 before 9. I’m needing to leave by 9:20-9:25 to get to school and fight for a parking space. Have to make lunch for me and Otto, breakfast, pack up, get dressed…

Left at 9:35.

Still managed to get to school before my class started. But then I had to park. Ended up about as far as I could be without being in another county (or on the other side of “campus”). Get into class a minute or three late. Bright side, it’s a studio class and 2 hours long so a minute or 2 won’t necessarily get me in trouble the way it would in some classes. Not so bright side, I still find it incredibly rude to walk in after class has started, while the instructor is talking. Plus, Kelly is a pretty decent instructor and I’d like to stay on her good side since I will be wanting her help with my portfolio and crap.

I’ve gotten to school anywhere from 5 minutes before class start to 25 minutes before, and I still have a hard-assed time finding a space… I still get into class the same time. I complain about this to her later in class (it’s only this class, finding a space at 10 is the worst pain in the ass… the rest of the times is much better) and she reminds me how she gets there like 8-8:30 to get a space for her 10 o’clock class. I say I’ll prolly have to start doing that too. sigh

Art is over. I’d decided before art that I didn’t need my bag with my books in it till later, because I didn’t need it for art or math, and I have a long enough break after math to go get it anyway. So, I head to math. Realize that my homework that I did last night was due… and it was awesomely in my bag I left in my car. So I had to run way the fuck out to bu-fu to get the fucking And, I can’t be late to class, because she was gonna take roll, then take the homework. If you no hand in then, she no accept. Period. (This would be one of the reasons I “fondly” call the place Wake Tech High School. sigh) So, I run out to get it. I run back. I run up 4 flights of stairs. I’m carrying 2 bags and a purse. I’m tired, and winded. Did I mention it was cold?

The homework is due Friday.


Math over. Head out to car to eat. Do so, while reading for Engrish (good thing, had a quiz, and without reading I would have gotten one wrong). Yogurt, yogurt, and curd. (I was in a hurry this morning, it was all I could really grab.) I leave keys in ignition so that I can open close windows easier. Decide to not listen to music through car for battery sake. Time to leave, close up, get out of car, go around to other side, get stuff out, lock door, close it. Take a step. Realize keys still in fucking car.


Fortunately, both my sister and my husband have a spare, so Sandy came out during her lunch break to help me out. So I got her lunch at Wendy’s.

But seriously, today is not lookin like a great day.

Have a lift planned for tonite, that I’m not sure I’m gonna bother with. If I don’t I’ll be simply cardioing.
Not that it’s helping, my weight hasn’t budged. But oh well, I’m not doing this for that reason anyway.

helps if I keep saying that.



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