Leg day

Last night was a pretty crappy half-assed workout. It was leg day. the squats made me pukey, so I could only do 2 sets. Couldn’t find the damn ankle cuffs to be able to do one of the exercises. Had forgotten my workout book so only could remember about 3/4 of my workout. Only did 2 sets with the pilates ring because I was exhausted. No stretching afterwards because the gym was closed (we stayed about 3 minutes over).

I was generally annoyed about the whole thing, especially since whenever I go to use the damn ankle cuffs for the leg/glute extension thingie, I can never find them. (They’re always just lying around easy to find when I’m doing anything but leg day.) Turns out this time they were wrapped around another piece of equipment, really not easy to see. I mean, take a whole bunch of machines, put them in a room, then wrap 2 little ankle cuffs around a piece (that they’re not really used for) all nice and neat and purty and symmetrical and see who the fuck notices them. Who does stupid shit like that? …when the tree to hang them on is not 5 feet away from that piece of equipment they were nicely wrapped on.

Prolly the same turd who grabbed the 5 pound 1/2 plate (used on the stacks of 10 pound plates) and tosses it on a stack of 5 pound plates. That had a switch for half a plate weight itself. Wonder if s/he thought that a weight half the weight of the plate stack was always half the weight… i.e. it took on the properties of the stack it was on…. idiot.

So, crappy workout, feel like crap about it, haven’t been able to find the ankle cuffs the last THREE times I’ve gone in to do that workout…


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