So, I have this ‘tard in drama class… *rolleyes* who is very vocal, likes to talk about himself and his experiences, goes on about how stupid people who cannot separate characters from actors are (you know, the kind that think Matt Leblanc is Joey), yet also discusses how he can’t see X actress doing a nude scene because she’s sweet little so-and-so from such-and-such movie/show. This man/boy/whatever is terribly annoying to me. This, coming from me, who isn’t the quietest gal ever, does randomly answer questions (I don’t raise my hand, I’m 29, not 9), and has been known to come up with interesting tidbits here and there (all those useless bits of knowledge I have simply because I’ve lived 10 years more than most of my classmates, and I’m not a total moron).

But, thing is… I know when to shut the hell up. Never take up much time. Say what you want to say or shut up. Only ramble on when you’re forced to talk, not when you’re holding up the class. Notice the freekin not-so-subtle signs of the teacher looking at the clock when you’re jabbering on after interrupting him mid-sentence.

So, my point is that this person is incredibly annoying. I’m not the only person who thinks so. Even the first day of class the chick sitting next to me was saying she’s not sure she can handle the class because of him. (heh, he has decided he wants to sit next to her, she always looks so terribly annoyed/distressed when he sits down…)

We had an assignment the other day, to bring in something we consider art and then have a little stand up to tell people why we thought it was art and why we chose it. (I used my tat, I’m lazy that way.) So, this one chick gets up there and says she’s a work of art because she’s unique, she was created by her parents, blah blah blah… And when she sits down this annoying dude says something along the lines of “you’re very self-confident” or somesuch… maybe “that takes a lot of self-confidence”… Anyway, it was stupid, he’s a twit, she looked at him like he was a ‘tard, and humored him with a nod or something.

Next class, she’s not there. He comes in, asks if she’s around, because he wanted to apologize because he thought he made her cry with his remark, and he didn’t believe he did, didn’t mean to, but since she’s not there, he guessed he did.

My thought… damn… that’s fucking bold. Actually, my first thought was “asshat”, followed by “who the hell would think that?” But, really, it came across as very, very egotistical. And he proceeded to discuss this with people trying to get their take (I guess) for a couple minutes at least.

Today, she’s in class next to me. She sees him. Apparently, what he said got back to her. Not terribly shocking considering how many people find him annoying, and the fact that she seems somewhat friendly with a couple people in class. So she tells him that it’s awfully egotistical of him to think that such a stupid thing would make her cry, it didn’t, and she didn’t appreciate being discussed when she wasn’t there.

He didn’t really get it. He wasn’t understanding that he was being an absurd jerk and that he was talking about her behind her back besides. (Chicks, being that it happens to us all the time because that’s what chicks do, are a smidge sensitive to that sort of thing. For instance, you wouldn’t want me to find out you’ve been talkin shit about me, because I will call you out, and it won’t be pretty.)

Since I was sitting next to her at the time, I could only sit there with wide-eyed amusement trying to stifle my laughter, which caught her eye and at least made if funnier for her. (Especially when I winked and muttered about how it’s too bad she was so broken up about it all. snikker)

Even after class he was commenting to me (holy shit that was annoying, I couldn’t shake the fucker. Even earbuds going in and ipod on wouldn’t make him shut up or stop walking with me. And there was plenty of me pausing, waiting, and doing other stuff before I resorted to the ipod. geeze!) about how he guessed she didn’t accept his apology.


I said that I thought her point was that she didn’t need an apology for making her cry because you didn’t and she thought it was pretty egotistical of him to think that. And he still didn’t get it, was just saying how he’s not egotistical.

Now… I know egoism when I see it. I am QUEEN of self-centeredness. If something doesn’t affect me, I have nothing to do with it, and I do have that obnoxious tendency to think people are talking about me even when they’re not. (I also usually think people are only pretending to be nice, and that all comments are meant meanly and in a backhanded manner.) This boy, is very, very interested in himself and talking about himself and how things in the world relate to himself. He actions say he thinks quite highly of himself, and expects that others should do the same.

And, did I mention he’s incredibly annoying?
Really, really fucking annoying?

Here, another fun story.
He comes up to me in the cafeteria. Right as I’ve taken a bite of something, so my mouth is full and I’m chewing. He must wait tables somewhere. Asks me what the homework assignment was. I’m sitting there, earbuds in, barely able to hear, chewing, reading… Then he stays to chat a minute before he gets the hint that I’m busy at the moment.

Sometimes, I need to learn to be a little more mean. Because that’s usually the only way I can get annoying people to leave me alone.

Wow, I spent a whole post on a ‘tard. He wants to go into drama, I think he said. Something about how IT isn’t working out for him or wasn’t what he wanted or something. (He went on and on and on and on about it the first day, right as the instructor picked up a piece of paper he was about to hand out to go over… that’s the only reason I know.) So, unfortunately, this likely means that the chances of him dropping are close to zilch. sigh

I’m worried that he might try and strike up conversations in the future. Because I’m pretty sure that will cause my head to explode from boredom. Why? Because he’s boring and annoying. And because I’m a somewhat gregarious seeming creature, and that sometimes gives people the impression that it’s ok to talk to me, and that I care. Whilst sometimes I do in fact meet people I don’t mind having a conversation or even friendship with, most of the time people are a pain in my ass and I totally don’t want to be around them. People suck.

Anywho, basically I’m annoyed and creeped out and needed to get that off my chest. You may continue with your day.

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