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I’m thinking about getting a new phone. Mine isn’t bad, but isn’t all that great. SMS but no MMS, no camera, only recieves infrared (really retarded, can’t even send), and has no way to get something onto it other than download (so no custom ringtones). So, I’ve been looking at what is being (and will shortly be) offered and have narrowed it so far down to these:

Samsung SGH-ZX10
Pros: Love the outside clock, has camera (1 megapixel)/video, expansion card, mms, speakerphone, email….
Cons: No bluetooth or usb, can’t sync with isync, IR port useless.

Nokia 6102
Pros: Has everything I want, pretty much. USB, camera/video, speakerphone, mp3 ringtones, $30. (with contract, prolly)
Cons: Not really any, but camera is only 640×480, no bluetooth

Samsung SGH-D357
Pros: bluetooth, mp3 ringtones, mms, etc.
Cons: no camera - which is a very big con

Basically, what’s important to me is a way to get files on (mp3s) and off (pics/vid) the damn thing. Which means I’d need USB or Bluetooth. PC sync and IR ports largely useless. Well, totally useless, actually. And, I want a camera. Without those 2 things, I have my phone. My current phone has the advantage of being teensy, which I like. No new phones are small.

I think, now that I’ve really looked enough to put it all in writing here, that I’ll prolly end up with the Nokia. Thing is, the 9300i is hot. But, it’ll prolly not be cheap. And, I’m thinking cheap is good. But, I don’t think it’s out yet. Plus, I don’t like candybar phones, even tho this one is hot, so that’s a huge con.

We’ll see.

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