Soccer Practice

We practiced for like an hour and a half with a few people. Started with passing the ball and eventually got around to playing a bit. Fairly fun, even though it did end up killing my toe for a bit. Apparently, saying that my toe was fine and not discoloured was a bit dumb when I had polish on the nail. It’s actually a nice light purple, bruised but nothing serious, but still sensitive. Playing will be interesting.

We should have a decent number of people for the game tomorrow. Too bad the frikkin thing is at 10. Bleah.

So, yeah. I’m doing fairly well. Couldn’t lift because wasn’t feeling too hot and was terribly sleepy, but otherwise good.
I’m moving beyond… getting in a decent amount of workouts, not totally being a bad girl about food… generally going fairly well.

Now if the weight would just move (down…)

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