I guess the real problem is that I’ve been feeling a little depressed lately. Well, not depressed, more like a lack of feeling. That or I’ve been oversensitive or a smidge bitchy (-er than usual). It’s been fairly aggravating, and it’s seeping into a lot of things. I’m not sure what exactly is going on and that also is a touch irritating. From about the time that I got sick till now (which I’m still coughing kinda funny now) I have just not been feeling all that with it. So it’s been far easier to see the negative of things, and that’s just hugely frustrating. I’m getting terribly down about a bunch of shit that I shouldn’t even be bothered about (and normally am not).

I’m trying for a more positive outlook. Since I’m not sure what’s causing the issue, I’ll just ignore it for a bit and pretend things are swell. heh More likely I’ll simply seek out things I like that make me feel good, and minimize the time I dwell on stupid shit like how I’m not where I want to be. sigh Seriously, if this goes on much longer I’ll have to go to the doc… maybe the meds are fucking with me or something. I’m usually not like this. I’m usually much more variable, more feeling… this is blah.


So I headed to the gym to try and kick in something to feel better. Wasn’t positive I was gonna go, till this fuckin SMOKIN chick was running along Cary Parkway… so I went. Seriously, I need a camera. This chick was wearing shorts that’d make Satan blush… and she wore them well….


I’ve updated my workout calendar (for the one of you that cares).

Be heading back to the gym later tonite, to get in a long slow cardio in… prolly on the elliptical.

So glad there’ll be a long weekend. Hopefully it’ll help.

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