the toe knows

So, it seems a bit swollen. Prolly nothing really, but I can only wear one pair of shoes, and it still hurts some. Going down hill is a p.i.t.a and I’m worried I’ll miss my little mini-goal of workout every day this week, seeing as how cardio isn’t much of an option, and lifting is kinda even less so.

I can’t even do bridging, which is normally what I do when I want to get one or three little, but very effective, things in. The bike last night kinda killed my hip flexors. I’m gonna hop on the elliptical tonite, but I’m just not sure how long I’ll be able to. I could barefoot, except being barefoot on the thing is annoying because of the texturing on the pedal-thingies (presumably for non-slip purposes, even tho you still slip all over anyway…).

I just hate being restricted. Totally sucks.

I’m gonna get some things done. Then I’m gonna get in a workout. Fuck the toe. If it bothers me it bothers me. I’ve dealt with worse.

Aoife <– seriously considering restricting herself to under 1000 calories again…

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