The year of the monkey

Actually, this is the year of the Dog (or will be by end of month)… 2004 was the monkey’s year.

But… It’s been a year (and a day or three) for the monkey being bored as shit blog. A year of retarded ramblings from yours truly to do nothing more than wile away a few hours typing insipid nonsense for consumption of those who are presumably equally bored. (Gee, hope you’re bored, otherwise, you really should have better things to do than read this drivel.)

So, are you a fancy parker?
Do you need a massage?
(both courtesy of Otto, because it’s not like I go looking for stupid shit like this…) :-P

Which is funnier? The mouse burning down the house? I think that one is freekin hillarious.


You know, I still have no idea why I’m really doing this. What confuses me even more is why there seems to be people reading it. It seriously can’t be interesting.


I have class tomorrow, my first day for engrish and art, and I have absolutely no idea where the hell the room for my engrish class is. It’s supposed to be in the same building as my math class, but 225 instead of 220. But I can find no 225. It doesn’t seem to exist. The rooms go up to 223, and then start at 200. Tres confusing.


I had something useful to say for a change, but then I turned back into me and totally lost it. Oh well. Time to sleep, perchance to dream.

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