A… A… C…

Grades. I finally got around to looking at them. A for Engrish… A for Geology… C in Sculpture. That fucking shoe killed me. I got like a 44 on it. ugh. Not too worried, but annoyed with myself none the less.

I have to get books for next semester… I should check out what I need. I’m never thrilled with the prospect of the bookstore… maybe this semester I’ll go ahead and get ‘em online. hmmm….

So, I think my cumulative GPA is 3.29… or something like that. Not great, but I guess better than it could be. Every semester I have something pulling shit down. I thought this past one would be much easier, seeing as it was only 3 classes… 10 hours… But that fucking shoe….

I never did bring it home. Decided that I didn’t want to keep a shoe tied up for ever more while I pretended I would one day get around to finishing it.

ah well….

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