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So, as the year ends, it’s obviously time to look toward the new one. The old one wasn’t that bad, but as all things in life, it could use some improvement. Now, I don’t do resolutions. Resolutions are like the opposite of what people give up for lent. People give up retarded things for lent that they can easily lay off of for 40 days… like alcohol… or chocolate. By the way… always loved the symbolism in that… you give up chocolate, so very similar to your savior giving up his life and junk…
Resolutions, on the other hand… tend toward the other end of the spectrum. Shit that you never intend to do, or give serious effort to… shit that’s impossible to do…. or crap that is not even hard enough to be your lent sacrifice.

And then there’s the vagueness involved.
“Lose Weight”: I love this one, along with it’s awesome companions, “loose weight” and “loss weight” (seen on forums dedicated to health and fitness everywhere.) The most retarded of goals, since a good shit will leave a person with weightloss worthy of an “in one week” tagline on a “thermogenics” bottle.
“Be nicer”: Here we have a totally ambiguous “-er” kind of resolution, meaning that a modicum of improvement means you can scratch that one off the list. Plus… what the fuck? If you need to try to be nicer, you’re either a total bitch, so go bite yourself, or your a total pussy, and you should therefore go bite yourself. Average people (of average levels of bitchiness and niceness) don’t worry about being nicer…. they figure they’re either good enough to get into heaven, or good enough to get into hell, and to fuck with pushing it more one way than the other.
“Work out”: Yeah… ok… what exactly does that mean?
“Save money”…. *rolleyes*

I’m just saying…. resolutions are stupid. They mean nothing, and we all know it. Why it’s a tradition I’ll never understand, but then again there’s a lot of things people do I don’t understand… like put fugly shirts on their dogs or shop at Old Navy. Some things are just dumb… and no explanation is gonna make them less dumb.

However, goals are different. Goals are definable, specific, have a plan and a path to get there… and when reasonable… are perfectly attainable given a modicum of effort. I have many of those. Figured this was as good a place as any to list a few.

Firstly, as always (or at least for the past 3 years) there are the fitness goals:
-Do a pullup - as weak shoulders have yet to allow me to, but I stupidly told my trainer (asshat) that it was a goal, and now I’m paying for it. So by EOY06 I had damned well better be able to do a fucking pullup, or I will kick him in the nuts.
-Bench 100 for reps - I’m oh so close on this one, or at least the last time I benched I was. Like I could put up 80 at least once… so I see no reason why I can’t bang out a few in a year… I mean… I do have a year for this… weak shoulders or no…
-Squat 150 for reps - this one just requires the effort… that’s all.
-DL 200 (we’ll call this a 1RM goal) - cuz it’d be hot to me. Maybe eventually do more, but that seems reasonable for now. IIRC, I can at least do 100 now… so… shrug
-17%bf - Was almost there before, So I know I can get there. Just need do keep the discipline to get there again.

Academic related:
-A in all upcoming classes - prolly not 100% doable, but that’s only because I’m a big fucking slacker.
-Figure out if Ima gonna transfer with a degree, or transfer before bothering to get the AA, since that would require another year considering the insane reqs (for anyone with a life, that is).

Other shit:
-New floors downstairs. The requires decisions on what, saving and buying, and installation… since if it’s not a DIY project it’s not worth bothering with.
-Set up a plan… for cooking, cleaning, saving, chores, etc… I’m sick of not really having a plan, and only planning to plan which means planning nothing and doing even less.
-Appraisal of the house. Damn… I just wanna know. I mean, we have houses going up nearby for about $90k more than we paid for ours, it’s been 4-1/2 years, and we really should have some serious bank the way I see it.
-Get a reasonable site up and running. With everything, not just a silly front page. I have a list of what “everything” is in my notebook and on my machine. It doesn’t need to be reproduced here as well.
-NO GETTING SICK. I mean this, FSM. So do me a favour and make it so. The monkey needs to not have to worry about being laid up and unable to work out or get some. It seriously crimps her style. Working out and getting some are very important to the Aoife, and she will whine and carry on if these needs aren’t met… ESPECIALLY if it’s because you allowed her to be sick.

I think that about does it.
Step one: make goals.
Step two:
Step three: PROFIT!

By the way, why the fuck didn’t someone tell me there was a perfectly reasonable avatar pic awaiting me at apneatic?
You’re all a bunch of stinkin asshats.
I flick a boogie on you!

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