Don’t bogart that joint

What the hell is my mom smoking?

And what the hell is wrong with me for mentioning the word “chiropractor” to her?

This woman sits there and tells me she doesn’t trust chiros (whether or not I do is not the point) because of blah and blah and blah. She thinks they’re charlatons and crocks. Basically, they’re crock-pots.

Then she proceeds to tell me that I should go see a “wholeistic therapist.” One who does meditation, reiki… stuff like that…

Basically, don’t go with someone who will align your spine… don’t trust them, they won’t help… instead go to someone who will align your chakras.


At least when I sat there and said… “Mom… you realize you just told me to not go to one, because they’re crackpots, but go to the crackpots instead…” she saw the humor in it.

She still believes it though.

Why do I fucking do this? I know she’ll respond like such… Why do I bring up anything that isn’t generic, mundane crap? Why why why why why? (beat head on brick wall)

Course, she was also talking about how she’s been bad, eating too much sugar/sweets, put some weight back on… etc. So, I told her thestory of Otto’s mom. How she can’t go to Curves and work out because “they don’t have a place to sit and change shoes.” That did make my mom laugh. My response then? So, cut the shit. Stop eating crap you know is bad, get off your ass and go for a walk… or soon you’ll be unable to work out for lack of chair space for shoe changing.

I think that about did it.
We’ll see….

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