gallery changes

So, we upgraded gallery. So, all my pictures in here are broken, and I can’t get ‘em fixed at the moment. And the links on my front page are broken.

Son of a bitch. The line above had the shift key held down the entire time. Something is up with my stupid shift key. grrr…

Anyway, give me some time to get it all resituated and back together. On the bright side, it means my portfolio will be in it’s own gallery and I can make it not look like ass. On the not so bright side, it’s more work for me to figure what is wrong with those image links.

There are other changes going on here. I now actually have the ability to do stuff with my site directly, without Otto as a middle man. I can actually see traffic to an extent (except that I don’t really give a crap to) and other such fun things I’m sure I’ve forgotten about or don’t know the importance of.

As it stands right now, I’m chilling, getting a few things done so I can really relax, and am getting fun things together to do.

We didn’t bring in the camera to the party friday, so I don’t have any pics of my own. I’ll collect and post other’s pics after they come in to me (aka, someone deems it worthy to let me know they have a pic of me.)
Don’t worry Matt, I’m sure noone caught Jenn kissing me. At least, I don’t remember any flash going off….

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