It sucks to be Aoife

So far it’s been $90 for towing and $175 for 2 new tires. The subframe is bent, and I have to find a place today that will fix it. It’s a fucking total pain in my ass. This will end up going on insurance, since we have a $250 deductable, and I think you can see the math here.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?
here, take a look.

So, basically, I’m driving along Optimist Farm wednesday, heading to class, and slip on something. Maybe ice, gravel, I’m honestly not sure. Otto said there was ice in the office parking lot that morning, so it’s not unpossible. Then, that slid me too close to the edge, where it was either already broken away, or it broke under me. There was a bunch of almost spinning (kept recovering, to no avail), and then finally off the road, into the ditch, bash against the embankment, and then nothing. The car stalled, but restarted. My neck was hurting some before hand, but it didn’t really help.

The car is still at NTB, since we didn’t really have anywhere to take it last night. It’s driveable, in that it will *go*, but not in a safe or easy or comfortable way. So, we didn’t wanna bring it across town to the house just to have to drive it back to that area to get fixed anyway.

So, now I’m about to make the calls to find out how much this will cost, and figure out what State Farm says and junk.
Fun, for sure. I’ll be first trying the place that fixed the acura, and then I donno what. Maybe Sandy’s mechanic.

Tonite is the party. Son of a bitch.
But, at least we’ll look good.

Why does bad shit have to happen at the most inopportune times?

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