The long kiss goodnight

See, I had a much cleverer title the first time. But then safari crashed, and my post didn’t go through, and I forgot what the original title was.

At any rate, December is “let’s have Aoife be a good girl” month.

No candy. An allotment of 1 kiss a day, no rollover. That’s it.
At most, one balance bar in any day, and only when it’s not easily possible to have something “real..” Like the 5 minutes I have walking from class to class.
No alcohol. Not too much of a problem here, I know… but still. New Year’s eve is the exception, but only if we actually go out with people, instead of spend it chillin’ at home. like every other year from time immorium
Only one unclean treat a day, (by aoife’s definition, of course), not to exceed 400 calories. That is about 1/4 of my cals per day, so really that’s excessive, but yet there’s not too many non-candy unclean treats that are low cal. I guess this really means lay off the dessert.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting together a couple 300 and 400 calorie recipes, so that I can worry less about what I eat. It works for Otto… shrug

EDIT: it was “the kiss is on my list”

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