There’s a problem with being terribly affected by the meds one takes. Waking up in the morning after taking something the night before is nearly impossible… certainly movement upon waking is.

The doc gave me an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant. So, now I can almost fully extend my arms. Kinda nifty. But, I am also plenty sluggish, woke up unable to move, and was so weak I couldn’t turn the dryer drum to pull out clothes. Last night was a little loopy before I went to bed, but I fell asleep nearly instantly, and slept decently.

Not so bad, but not as great as one might think. I don’t really like being loopy, given the choice. That’s why I don’t drink much. Not being able to control myself is a hugely big deal to me; I hate it.


I got assloads of epoxy yesterday. Four different kinds. We’ll see what I actually use, I’m heading up to work on my project in a coupla minutes. I should be able to finish this without any hitches. I want to get as much done as possible before leaving for lab, so that if I need more men I can get them while I’m out. I have like 300 or something now, but you never know. I may end up making something other than a wall, it may need to be a fortress or something similar, we’ll see. A wall may no longer serve my purpose. Forgot we had rubber cement already (assuming it hasn’t dried up from years of sitting around), so I’ll try that first.

I sit here with nothing else to say.

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