I am soooo gonna die


So, this like totally sukked.

Started with 5 minute warmup on the bike. My whining that I didn’t like the bike didn’t help my case tho. Then, there was the “active stretching”… which means hop allong the groupX room and generally feel like crap that you can’t do what you feel you should be able to. There was high knees, high legs (apparently my hitler-soldier impressions, tho funny, worried him), and hopping high knees. Also travelling lunges, handwalks, stationary lunges, and assloads of bent over rows, crunches, and bicep curls. Then I had issues with my hamstrings being too tight, so we took a time out to stretch them.
Then it was back to the grind, hopping back on the bike for minute sprints (at over 100rpm) and then doing situps with a nice heavy ball over my head. Then back to the bike, then the situps…. you get the idea. Then the asshat decides that I need to do something of a push variety, so he leans on the friggin hammerstrength bench machine and makes me bench him. (basically, but considering I can’t bench the likely weight of the boy, and he was standing, not really, but it sounds much more dramatic this way.)

I’m pretty sure he’s like a total asshat.

I can’t believe I’m paying for this shit.

oh, and Otto…. Bite me.

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