Waiting for my tummy to settle so I can go and hop on the elliptical. I wish it had a slightly bigger area to put things on the console, my iPod doesn’t quite fit on the shelf thingie without covering up the display. pita

I’m bringing a pen to future soccer games. Since the ref doesn’t like to keep score, I will. Better to know just what the score is than to have feelings “spared.” I don’t think it’s that the refs are worring about the feelings of a team, I think it’s their excuse to be lazy. Why am I not surprised the place is going bankrupt?

I have my projects to work on, my papers to work on, and a house to clean. I think I’m gonna get stuck working with army men for my wall and not skeletons like I wanted to, because skellies are too expensive and hard to get my hands on the 100+ I’d need. I was hoping to find packs of cheesy ones like the army men at the dollar store, but apparently if that kind of thing still exists, it doesn’t after Hallowe’en. oh well. Need more cotton balls as well. I’ll head back out after my workout, and get a few things, then shut myself in for the night. So, any potential trips out to any happy hours tonite will have to be sans Aoife.

ok, I am ready to and time is a-wasting, so I’m gonna go work out.

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