I have a trainer now, and soon so will Otto. My first session will be friday, and I’m pretty sure the boy is looking forward to kicking my ass. Dammit. It’ll be an A/B workout, since at the moment I don’t think that I can really commit to more than 2 days per week for lifting. I’m also supposed to get in at least one day a week of “fat burning” cardio, and one day of intervals. I can do that. That, and I’m supposed to be upping the intensity of my workouts, so as to get ready for the asskicking I will be receiving.

I think I kinda scared him a bit, or at least Otto does. Not in a bad way so much as a ‘he needs to proove himself’ kind of way. I went into this pretty much demanding a decently certified trainer, because the twit Otto had gotten stuck with wouldn’t have cut it for me. Between that and the fact that I seem to know what I’m doing, I think I’m gonna get a pretty thorough asskicking. Something about high rep, totally tearing up the muscles, and 20 second rests.

I am so screwed.

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