Still stuck

The Happy Tree Friends theme song is still stuck in my head. It’s freekin awesome, like I’m going insane but in a reeeely good way.

I’ve got to say… Suicide Girls first tour DVD… not all that. Yes, been a bit since we watched it, but I’m just remembering it now. Not terribly disappointed that we didn’t go to the show in Charlotte when they were there.

So I spent like 2 days looking all over the damned place for the mpio, and couldn’t find it for the life of me. For the longest time it had resided in my nightstand drawer (bottom one) and I never used it. Then, a few weeks ago I took it out to be sure I didn’t end up leaving a battery in it (cuz you know how badly that can go). So, when I went looking for it, in the place it’d been for nearly a year, it was nowhere to be found. Drove me batty, it did. I spent about 2 hours tearing apart and looking through my office the other night, and finally gave up, posted a blog entry, and went to bed. Next morning, Otto wakes up, goes downstairs and into my office, walks back out with the fucking thing.
Sometimes, I hate that man.
It was in my desk drawer. The ONE place I apparently didn’t look, mostly because I tend to forget I *have* a desk drawer. FWIW, the Office CD was in there too, and I’d been looking for that since I got the new iBook in September.

Now, it’s not like I’m a total twit, just mostly one. I’d had been using a table for my desk for years, so a desk with an actual drawer is a recent thing for me, especially since I haven’t used my office much since switching desk for table.

Watched House of Flying Daggers this evening (Sat), it was pretty good. Beautifully done, decent story, only predictable to a point. We watched it subtitled, so we have no idea if the dub was as bad as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Not so sure I want to find out.

Updated workout (so you know, Otto, since there isn’t an rss feed for the pages)
Am getting together a few fitness goals that are reasonable for short and long term, more about those another time. Workouts have been great, even if cardio heavy.

It’s 130 now, I should go to bed. I’m not tired, but I’ll at least update the iPod (if I can find the cable, now that I think about it, not sure where that is) and stop writing.

What I’d like to accomplish tomorrow (sunday):
–return book to Barnes & Noble, Amazon has it for $15 less if I really want it
–get Quicken in order so that we can use it for savings goals and planning and budgetting again
–call/go to Banfield and give them new info
–work on art project
–compile list of crap I want/need done for so that I can then have a couple things I can ask Otto to do, that hopefully he can get to soon.

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