Awefully spammy emails the last few days, much more than normal. I think (forgot to look, don’t really give a shit anyway) they came to my roadrunner account, which I don’t actually use anyway. Every single one comes with a zip file, “from” such clever places as office at fbi dot gov… (”your ip was logged”) and “doctor” (’online pharmaceutical’). Wow, can’t believe I missed out on such a chance to enlarge my whang!

Seriously people, I am not impressed. Like, why not be a little more creative with your spam/viruses? Why not make them funny, or scary, or something other than TOTALLY OBVIOUSLY FAKE.

Now, funny thing… Sandy was telling me how she got a call to the bank (she has a new job at the bank now…) from a chick that answered one of those phoney emails, giving over name, account numbers, card numbers, exp date, security code (on back of card) etc…. And had to wait for a friend to recommend to her that perhaps she should call the bank, “just in case.” Wow… someone go sew up that woman’s hole before she can breed… we don’t need genes that stoopid in the pool, people.

I am simply amazed… really, I am. I really thought people weren’t that stupid. Even when presented with mountains of evidence to the contrary, I still held out hope that people weren’t all total morons barely able to sneeze their way out of a wet paper bag… But, alas, I am wrong. People are total fools, and should be eradicated before they use up all my oxygen.
Don’t worry, I can say all the bad things I want now, the FBI has already logged my IP.

Speaking of funny things, I’m adding a new link catagory, podcasts. I’m not subscribed to many, as I don’t like people talking that much, but there’s a few I’m finding worth it. Should have a few up in a day or so. Now that I have a bit of time and all that.

Otto’s machine is still at the Apple Store, I hope they paid attention and will fix the line down the screen too, not just the mobo/vid issue. Hopefully he’ll get it tomorrow/wednesday. I’d suck to have to go the weekend without it… although at least the store should be open Friday, so…

I think I’d prefer thanksgiving dinner out. I don’t really feel like cooking, especially a freekin turkey I won’t eat, which you can’t really buy for only 2 people. Let alone the rest of the crap. It’s either spend the money for a bunch of food that will sit around forever anyway, or just let someone else do it entirely. Of course, Sandy wants turkey, which is where the potential delemma is coming in. Otto and I would just as soon grab some chinese takeout and play video games all day, being thankful that there are good games and good chinese takeout so close at hand. sigh

I just really am not a holiday kind of girl anymore.


Apparently it only takes 2 slightly overpoured vodka tonics to blitz the Aoife. Friday at Tyler’s that’s all I had, and I still was giggling uncontrollably, had very poor impulse control (ask Mark), and was a sight more foul-mouthed and dirty-minded than normal.

Good times.

Saturday was my first time bowling since my years on this earth were measured in single digits. I’d have to say, I am not impressed. And, yes… I was right. Aparently it’s not all that hard to hide a bowling alley. We spent half an hour looking for the place. Which is also about how long it took the ’special’ people at the concession stand to take my order of nachos and cheese. rolleyes
No, you really don’t want me to get into that one. Let’s just say that the Goldschlager shot didn’t help remove my irritation much… but I did get the last of the stuff so… (not much gold, either. total gyp!)
(speaking of which, on checking my spelling of Goldschlager on google I found this.)

After, we went to Jillians, which was fun, and happened upon Cheryl and Rachel and they were waaay more fun than Tik and Travis. The vodka tonic there was carefully measured, so I didn’t bother with a second.

Overall, fun weekend, and I totally forgot anything else I was planning on saying… So I’ll post this and go back to downloading my podcasts and seeing about encoding my Garage Band stuff into mp3.

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