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At the moment I’d have to say, one of the best sources of motivation to work out is just listening to and watching stuff about it. Not reading. Not really. Especially when other people are bored, frustrated, and unmotivated themselves, reading that shit can be a total drag. But… Listening, or watching something, is a great tool. You see people working out. Makes you want to. You hear people talking about how they’re working out, how much they like it… you want to.

We’ve been watching the gym on Fit TV, and it’s been actually very frustrating… because I’ve been sick. I’d been catching up on motivation to move while I was sick, which was even more of a frustration.

Then I get better, have days of classes and paperwriting, and can’t do anything other than a few light things. It sucked. Now, it’s friday. And my paper was handed in today. While I have a test monday in a class and need to study for that, I feel no need to be hindered by it and kept out of the gym.

So, in a minute I’m heading up to work out, a light go at the iron since it’s been a bit (and starting heavy is only gonna get me in trouble), some stretching, and some yoga. This evening we’re going to the gym to cardio.

I’m so looking forward to this… the ability to relax and just do what I want to do for an evening, and work out some of that stress the physical way.

And when all else fails… you know what works?
Just fucking doing it.
Get off your ass! Work out! Feel better about yourself! Feel good!

You’ll be glad you did.

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