not dead yet…

…gettin better

Ah, the joys of being almost back to 100% without actually being there and able to do crap. On the bright side, I don’t get sick often, and when I do it’s not so bad. I eat pretty well, I workout on a semi-regular basis, and I generally take pretty darned good care of myself. I don’t smoke, rarely drink, and get my vitamin on days when me eating isn’t perfect.

So, this little bout of “almost sick but not quite” has been far worse for me than it would be for most others, I’m sure. I whine and bitch and generally feel miserable, but I’m in far better shape than I might otherwise be.

Now, I’m in a rush to get my paper done by friday, which leaves tonite, tomorrow, and thursday to work on it. I’m not feeling the love on this one, but I think I can get something together to warrant more than a big fat zero, so ….

I also have crap to do for sculpture tomorrow. So, that kinda takes precedent. Not a huge thing, and it should help me get a handle on what the other portion of this projct will be. I also need to buy cotton balls tonite. Since I have to do some grocery shopping anyway, I’ll grab them then.

My hands smell like gas. Had to put some in the mower to mow a bit. Ugh, prolly shouldn’t have bothered, but really the lawn was getting to me. It annoys the hell out of me that our damn mower is so hard to start. But, oh well.

Headache now. I guess it’s punishment for thinking that I was ok enough to do a bit of yard work. I guess I’m not going to the gym tonite. Prolly shouldn’t anyway, give myself a bit more time to rest, work on homework, and not get anyone else sick. I’ll do some very light lifting this evening, some stretching… I’d already vowed to do those earlier so I might as well.

Got some laundry done earlier today. Dishes will be worked on this evening, as well as some more laundry. Groceries. Popping my casting out of the mold. Cooking for Otto for lunch tomorrow. Finish getting quicken up to date so that I know how much money I actually have, not how much I theoretically have. Make a list of things that need to get done tomorrow, thursday, and friday. Put my gym pass in a place where I won’t misplace the darned thing again. Light some incense; all I can smell right now is my sick nose. (bleah) Synch my iPod. Update MtM podcast, add that link in my sidebar. Wash my hands (so they stop smelling like gas). Eat an apple.

I’ll try some excedrin to get rid of the headache. Then, off to get shit done that isn’t sitting around here blogging about nothing.

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