on how crappy I feel

like… a… 5 on the crap-o-meter.

congestion… check
phlegm in inappropriate places… dislodging at inappropriate times… check
dizziness leading to fainting if not careful… check
inability to stand on own 2 feet without support for more than 20 seconds… check
“sick breath”… check
headache… check
sinus pain/pressure… check
need to expel nasal fluid when not within arm’s reach of tissues… check
sore throat… check (but subsiding)
coughing… check
achiness… check
easily tired by the simple act of sitting up… check
total whiney state that means I’m not as bad off as I make it out to be… check

how this could be worse: (please don’t let it come to this)
fever, vomiting, ass-vomiting, chills, delierum, head falling off and rolling downstairs, blisters, boils, locusts, uncomfortable swelling of sensitive body parts, hair falling out, limbs/appendages falling off, death.

I guess that means I’m on the winning side… sigh

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  1. Seattle Says:

    If this is the bird flu, just shoot my ass now!

    Damn this shit sounds bad!

    Hope you live…. :D

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