Straight girls guide to sleepin w/ chicks

good book.
Not completely finished, but very good book.
Funny, amusing illustrations, and very short read. (Perfect fot the little ADD in all of us.) I recomend, not necessarily for what it’s title suggests… but because I do think some of you boys (I doubt there are any non-boys reading this, besides kit…) might find it somewhat useful yourselves.
Anyway, it is a good read. A little hot, but good.
Aoife recomend.

If you’d like a look (and perhaps buy):

(I’m not a shill, I’m an amazon associate… Dammit! there is a difference… somewhere…)

Tonight I’m taking it easy. Sunset, gym, Ratchet & Clank… you know… fun junk. No papers. No homework. No sculpture. Tomorrow I’ll need to get cotton balls and perhaps more thread, and do some research and junk… but tonite I need time to not have to freekin worry about school or crap.

Today wasn’t a bad day. Yoga this morning helped much, and if I stay away from the damned candy, I’ll prolly not be quite so tightly wound.
What? You ask about my chocolate indiscretions? reces. Here and there, since Hallowe’en. Woulda been fine, but there was candy at the party and that kinda reminded me how very tasty candy was. In reality, we’re talking like 5 candybars or equivalent since the 29th. Not horrible, and I was a very good girl before, and they are fitting into my general calorie range. But, then again, I’m more sensitive to sugar than I used to be, and I usually end up eating something on an empty stomach (usually after long period of no food). This, of course, kinda makes the effect worse.
So, today I had 2 things I was craving, and it’s out of my system. Which is good, because then I don’t have to be a sneaky bink about it. Now then, onward!

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  1. USC Says:

    Did you install the new plug in yet? I installed mine, but I’m so computer illiterate I still can’t figure out who is visiting my blog. But at least someone is. :D Have a good weekend.


  2. Aoife Says:

    I’m gonna be doing a lot of upgrading shortly. To my blog, my site, and that kind of thing. I’ll be able to see bunches of crap. :-D

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