paper proposal

Writing up my proposal for my research paper. Proposal due tomorrow, paper due the 11th.
The internet sucks. But not as badly as my ’school library.’ That place is beyond useless. What really bothers me is that next semester I have an entire class of research. Ugh. At least it’s literature (not argument) based, so hopefully it’s not so bad. But really, I need to get myself access to a decent library.

Don’t worry, I’m not procrastinating… much. I’m taking a break. My proposal is written, I’m just trying to get sources. Need book, journal article, newspaper article, and 2 others of non-specific origin. Pain in the ass. Esp the book one… because it’s kinda hard to find books on the interweb in digital form, esp for this particular use. Were it something else, I could simply ask Otto to grab something on Safari bookshelf for me, or that kind of thing. But no, such is not the easy life for the Aoife.

I don’t know if I’ll bother going to the library tonite, I’ll be there tomorrow and I don’t have sculpture so I get out at 1. That leaves some time to consider the options at the all great and wonderful WakeTech liebary. (Does is scare only me that they actually answer the phone that way? lie-bary.)

I need a break, it’s really starting to get to me. I have a few things printed out… a few patent thingies (pages showing the pertinent info for the patents for a few things like the vcr, broadcast guides for the vcr to read (no more program times in manually)… that kind of thing.) a few magazine articles and newspaper articles. Maybe a journal article, I couldn’t tell for sure if it was a “schollarly journal” versus an industry magazine… it has an abstract… but that may just be because of where I found it (ie, that sites abstract, not the article’s abstract).

So, I’m not in horrible shape, just sick of it.

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