oddity abounds

Obviously, I’m not supposed to work on my paper anymore, Safari just crashed on me, taking away the 2 dozen tabs/windows I had open looking for material.

So, onto something a smidge more weird.
Last night, as I’m coming home from a quick run to the store for dinner, I must stop as a car driving very quickly followed by 4 police cars with lights and sirens goes speeding by. While my first thought is someone being chased, I decide that’s a little absurd. First, things like that don’t happen in Cary/Apex, and second they had just pulled out of a parking lot, so it looked more like they had just decided to do this, not that they had been doing it and I happened upon the whole thing in the middle of the show. So I decided it must be a bunch of coppers following the car, say it’s unmarked or something, or like some lady needed to get to the hospital to birth her baby or something.

Then, I get this email today from the town. (We’re on the Town of Cary’s mailing list, we get news and updates and crap.)

“CARY, NC – Thanks to the combined efforts of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office and the Apex, Sanford and Cary police departments, the suspected robber in the Cary carjacking that occurred on Wednesday, November 2 has been arrested. James Michael Lloyd, a 45-year-old male of 534 Union Grove Rd. in Chapel Hill, was taken into custody by the Sanford Police Department on Wednesday, November 2, following a vehicle pursuit through Wake County.

“We’d like to thank the area law enforcement agencies for their hard work in helping us to capture this suspect,” said Chief Scott Cunningham. “We all share a responsibility in ensuring that our communities are safe, and this arrest shows that we are 100 percent committed to protecting our citizens.”

On Wednesday, November 2 at approximately 8:20 p.m., a mother pulled into her driveway on Morris Branch Ct. in western Cary in a 2005 Saturn Relay Sport Van. As she was exiting the vehicle with her three-year-old and two-month-old children, she saw a man sitting in one of the other vehicles in the driveway. He exited the vehicle and rushed towards her, implying that he had a weapon. He demanded her ATM card, PIN number and keys to the van. He allowed her to retrieve her children from the van before he stole it and left the scene. Later that night, the suspect was found and was taken into custody.

Lloyd is being held in the Lee County Jail facing multiple charges from multiple jurisdictions.”

Now, this is about that time, so my guess is that I saw a bunch of cops rushing to find this dude, as they headed off in the direction of where the guy was arrested, not too much after that 8:20 time marker. Totally weird.

Also amusing, the dude on the road who wouldn’t slow down/move over for the cops coming up from the side and cutting in front of him. Not for the first one, nor the second, nor the third. Tho the cop on the speaker telling him to pull over was funny as hell. :-D

Hope the chick was smart enough to give him a fake PIN…

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