Just a moment of weakness

It happens, I suppose. Not happy about it, but I’m learning that admitting my fears and issues and releasing them makes for a better time of it for me. I try not to dwell on the bad, I just sometimes can’t help it. Once I release the demons, they’re gone. I can think much clearer, mind not so cluttered and chaotic and unable to filter.

I feel a lot better. I should be fairly ok on my proposal for engrish, I have tomorrow off to go running around finding sources. Getting the paper done in time… tough but not impossible.

Taking a bit of a breather, then I shall get on with chores, looking up sources, starting my proposal so that I can truly see how much work I have ahead of me… et cetera…

Have idea for first part of project three ready to go, second one needs some work — my initial idea prolly won’t work out, and there are some connotations I didn’t think about that may not work for me. Fortunately, I can start on the one I know what I’m doing and then continue to brain storm the other one till I have a solid idea on that.

Oh, and Harry….

just for you, cuz I know how much you like it.

thanks for the laugh. :-)

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