we’en ‘05

Pics are up, movies are not yet. They don’t just easily upload into gallery so they need to be put up by Otto, since I don’t have permission to put anything up. I’m working on some captions, but honestly I don’t know a goodly number of people I have pics of so…. heh. Otto should be sending out the URL… prolly to Tik and such first…

Oh, and don’t worry people… I did manage to get some of the Milli Vanilli show, so that will go up too. Warning: I ran out of space midway, so it’s in 2 movies.

My dress is still lying ripped on the floor, and from what I can tell, it started a bit early on. Fucking Hot Topic. So I’m gonna see about fixing it, all I can say is I guess it’s a good thing it was a medium and therefore a bit big. Gives me room to work. Although I may need to end up adding fabric anyway… I’m pretty pissed about this one, even if it did lead to a bunch of girls sticking their hands in my dress. (So, no, Otto, she wasn’t the only one.)

Twas a fun night, got to see/chat with some people hadn’t seen since last year, since this past year has been a little light on the big get-together/party type things. I’d talk more about it, but really all it was for me was just another night of foul-mouthed Aoife, just in a dress. Besides, I have caption work to do.

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