12 hours

At the moment, that’s what it looks like. So far I’m registered for 12 hours next semester. I left my list upstairs, but I know I’m in statistics, methods and materials, lit based research (engrish), and graphics (photochop). I was thinking anthropology (signed up, may drop) or the second geology (the astronomy course offered doesn’t get me science credit, just elective.) The drama course and a couple others I was interested in clash, and I was running late this morning anyway. 12 is enough, though I should get in a few more, I am having to stay an extra semester (be it summer or fall) anyway because of lit.

I’m mainly deciding how much homework I’ll have to do, and I’m guessing that the english class is gonna take up a lot of time, so I may just sit tight where I am. Books will also be hefty, I’m sure.

I might as well go take a look at it.

So, drama conflicts with anthropology, and truth be told, the former sounds much more fun than the latter, so in with drama, out with anth.

This is giving me 15 hours. If drama is a much work as music and art were, I’m good. If it’s a lot more, I’m likely screwed. We’ll see, I’m much better off this semester, and I’ve gotten into better habits (for the most part) when it comes to me getting my work done.


Woulda liked to have had engrish with a particular instructor, but I’m not so sure I can leave here by 830 to get there by 9, so oh well. I may end up dropping graphics, I’ll think about it. I want to do it, but I’m also not sure I’ll bother. We’ll see.

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