post workout sleepiness…. it’s back

Hmm… thought I might have gotten rid of it. Used to be after cardio I was terribly sleepy the rest of the day. Then, after my latest bout of HIIT on treadmill, it was not the case. I was actually energized and able to get other things done. Today, 30 minutes on elliptical at the gym. Tired as hell.

Maybe it’s the HIIT thing? Steady state, regardless of length, makes me sleepy?

Who knows. Pain in the ass it is.

Come home, shower, fight to stay awake, lose. Wake up, still not totally with it.

Hope this will go away. Wasn’t the case any other time, except that I was by myself. Maybe it’s the noone to talk to. Or that I showered immediately after I got home.

For what it’s worth, hotties getting out of the shower while I was in the lockerroom…. This Aoife could get used to.
Ok, so I was in a stall and didn’t see much other than really nice ass (and corresponding belly)… but still, I ain’t complaining.

I guess at the moment I’m just not ready to bother with the iron. Iron requires a plan and rest time. I was gonna use the circuit room, but there was so much time wasted earlier in my day that I didn’t really want to. Not that I didn’t have the time or something, just that I wanted to get in, cardio, and get out. I do think in the future I’ll pack a gym bag, just so I have the option of shower/sauna/etc. Course, I need to do laundry.

I really just want to curl up and go back to sleep. The dangers of an ultra comfey bed, I suppose.

As I sit here playing silly web games, I see banner ads for retarded ab doohickies… *rolleyes* Who the hell started this fucking ab craze anyway? I swear I just want to grab every moron on Clean Sweep with an ab doohickie. (they all have one… may be a different one, but they all have one) and yell at them: “YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF THAT EXTRA 50POUNDS OF FAT BEFORE YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOUR ABS LOOK LIKE… ASSFUCK!” I mean, seriously. If you are fat, people, excessively working your abs, or buying one of those ab doohickies, is not gonna make you thin. Just gonna make you a fucking moron with an ab doohickie. It’s why you always get rid of the damned thing on the show.

I’m not in a bad mood, just needed to get that out, I suppose.
Back to random web game.

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