Too flattering

So, apparently my hair is too flattering. :-P It should be far more sinister and evil looking, not make me look nice and pretty.

Do I come across as harsher than I really am? Or do people just tease me because you can always tease the unoffendable foul mouthed bitch about how bitchy and dirty she is? Do I care? No. What was my point again?

ugh… I think the fish is not agreeing with me. This almost always happens, and I always figure it’d be better this time, and it never is. I guess it’s just a stupid Aoife moment. bleah The only thing on the menu that didn’t require me to order it without meat. The waitress was annoying, and after trying to order 3 different times, I just gave up and went for the fish. I should know better. ugh Stomach aches and I feel like hurling. moan

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