I started this with the intent to type more than gibberish. However, mousie has this keen ability to sense when would be the most inappropriate time to bother me and climb all over me. This is one of those times. So, now I’m just wasting time.

You Should Learn Japanese

You’re cutting edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese culture.
From Engrish to eating contests, you’re born to be a crazy gaijin. Saiko!
What Language Should You Learn?

Funny, the two languages I’d be most interested to learn are Irish and Japanese. Of course, both are not terribly easy. German would be a third place. Of course, I think it’s just because I said I’d like to spend my weekend playing video games and eating sushi. Not a sushi fan, but games…. so…

Takes something big to distract me? Have they met Aoife?


Your senses are pretty sharp (okay, most of the time)
And it takes something big to distract you!
How Observant Are You?

and finally…

eat me!

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Very popular, one of you is not enough.
What Kind of Candy Are You?

Because 2 Aoifes is a wonderful idea.

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