Well that’s better…

So, we joined O2 today (as in saturday.) We went in friday night for a bit of a workout, as a trial to make sure it’s what we want. It’s not cheap, $80/month for both of us, Otto now has 4 PT sessions and I just have the one freebie you get for signing up, and we got yoga and cycle classes tossed in. Granted, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been something we’d really have had to pay extra for, but still… heh.

It was really nice. The workout, I mean. I mean, this place is fucking awesome, but mainly that’s fairly evident in the fact that we’re willing to shell out that kind of cash and a year commitment for the shit.. so obviously that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’ve been in such a shitty place for so long… I workout for a bit, feel great, then fall back into my lame-assed never get around to it phase. I eat well, but seriously, I’ve been lacking the real motivation to work out. I like working out. I like how I feel after working out. But I never want to seem to take the time to do it.

Now, I could say I’m a very busy girl, but Otto would just call bullshit on that… and he’d be totally right.

It’s been the same issue off and on since going into maintanence early ‘03. Since I can quite easily eat enough to maintain my weight, working out is not needed on that front. Of course, that’d be fine if I was content to be a jiggly mess with 20% bodyfat. But, me being me… of course I’m not.

I’m not whining… I just know that I have a very specific problem. I want the perfect body with minimal effort. I want to be in a higher level of maintanence without the effort of getting myself back to that point. I want to get in my yoga, but without the lack of flexibility, and without the effort necessary to regain that flexibility. The strength, tightness, low bodyfat…. I want it all to maintain at the optimal level without having to go through the pain in the ass retread to get there.

Basically, I’m a stupid fucking bitch for pushing myself so hard to begin with, and then allowing a slip that means I need more motivation than a simple stepping away from a candy bar.

But the point of this is not to rehash my normal bs about how I seem to avoid doing things until it’s more work that it would have been in the beginning.

Yes. I, Aoife, will shut my mouth(fingers) about his shit and move the fuck on.

I really thought I was done with the stupid bullshit of “if I’d only started before, I’d be so much further now” crap. Apparently, sometimes we’re not so far fixed as we’d like to believe.

I know, to an extent, what the fuck is going on. I know how to fix it.

So, this brings me to friday night. Absolutely lovely workout in the cardio theatre on the elliptical. Then the bike. 30 minutes total, mainly staying in the ‘target’ cardio range of 150HR. It was great. Maybe it’s the cycle of being willing to put forth the effort again. Maybe it’s the newness of the gym. Maybe it’s that year contract.

Next year I plan to be Josie for Hallowe’en. Because I’ll look fucking smokin hot in a leopard print leotard with a tail and a fake guitar. And I started training for it friday.

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