Shock and Awe

Because I managed to get my ass to the gym again today. Recumbent bike for 5 minutes and then elliptical for the rest of the time. Of course, after that my shoulder was bothering me… prolly those back and forth motions with the elliptical handles… So I headed into the shiny (and boy do I mean shiny) iron room (or maybe it’s the chrome room) to grab a couple little weights and do some lat raises. Which got me a few stares. Maybe it was the light weight. Maybe it was due to me being the only female in there. Maybe it’s because I also decided to relieve the boredom of weak little lat raises by standing in tree pose. shrug whatever.

It was good, I feel good. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I may go, but after school I just may not have it in me. But that’s not a bad thing.

At least now we have room for the elliptical. We sold the treadmill yesterday. That’ll mean mornings with a shot of cardio. Can’t wait.

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  1. kitmouse Says:

    Maybe they were staring because you’re HAWT.

    Probably. ;)

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