Every. Damn. Light.


was red.

Except the one that was green that I was turning left at. That one meant I got to wait for aaaalllllll the cars to go, then I got to turn. After it turned red.

Quite seriously, I am not exaggeratting. Hell, the first light out of the school I got to wait at twice. YAY me!

So, it is now friday. All praise the FSM. El YAY!

I don’t know why, but I’m really feeling it this week. Meh. Total meh-hood. This weekend marks a simple engrish assignment, finishing my 2nd relief, and some extra credit for the Geo test (the lecture test, I got 52/60.)

Mostly, tho… I plan to work on my dress. I’m a total slacker on that front, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I mean, it’s not that that sort of thing takes long to do, it’s just that it’s very tedious and so one needs lots of breaks. But in a couple minutes I’m gonna go get stuff and get to it.

My brain is very much mush lately, sigh.

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