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Gee, as per usual… nuthin.

I’ve added a new link catagory, because hot chicks deserve to be looked at… especially when they’re not wearing much in the way of clothing. grin

I’ve got a lab test tomorrow… on ROCKS… ooooooooo….. So I’ve been kinda studying for that. I have no idea how well I’ll do… I thought I did decently on my last lab test and didn’t so much. (75) Then, wed I have a lecture test. I have another paper I’m to be working on, my research paper… no idea what I’m gonna do on that one. My last paper was a 94.5 (95 on final draft), so at least I’m doing well in engrish. Sculpture is ok, I’ve totally finished my profile relief, didn’t get to pour plaster (no frame, need to stop at Lowes and get a few 1×2s), the other relief is going well, and I’ve pretty much cemented my ideas for my next project (found objects.)

My dad occationally writes me ridiculously short emails, which is better than long, I suppose. Funny how he’s not so chatty anymore now that he gets his life back. Not surprised. Not disappointed. Nearly glad. Call me a bitch, but considering I don’t much like the man anyway, let’s just say I’m not broken up about it.

Raney seems to be fine… Fine enough to want me to potentially tell people he’s a good guy when I know him to be a total loon who likes to fence with tongs… ;-)

Soccer tonite was annoying, glad I wasn’t playing. #6 for Martin-Marrietta (sp?) is a total douche… I have a special award for him…

He’s lucky I didn’t kick his ass. Because I so coulda kicked his ass, and then he would’ve gotten his ass kicked by a chick.

I need to get some play-doh. Don’t ask… it’s a surprise.

And tomorrow will be the start of me actually making my costume.

I did stair runs today, because I wanted to do some kind of workout and didn’t have oodles of ambition. Something is better than nothing.

The smart pop kettle corn kicks ass in tastiness.

I hear kit is doing well, workin on her book and stuff. I hope that it goes well for her, it sounds like a pretty cool thing. I so don’t have the attention span for major writing anymore. Hell, I don’t have the attention span for most things. That’s why I’m drawn to art… it makes my natural spaciness seem perfectly normal and ok.

We’re getting an elliptical, selling the treadmill, and getting a new membership at O2. I’m down to 136.6 this morning, and while I would be happier lower, I’m not complaining considering my complete lack of treating myself well over the last few weeks. As I’ve said many times before, my badness usually is only in relation to my normality, which is plenty better than how most people seem to be treating themselves and trashing their diets lately. A candy bar here, a low calorie day there… I’m by no means perfect, but I’m far worse on my own scale than on others.

My aunt is starting to work towards a thinner self today as well. I’m glad I could help her, and I hope it works out well for her.

That’s it for now, I suppose. Off to find me a few more nekkid chicks for links… Just remember it’s not safe for work, people. (all 2 of you who may be reading this.)

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