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Ok, so illustrator just makes an image, which will be pretty good for a front page, and a few other things, but by and large not so much in the usefullness department. That’s ok tho, I know how to do stuff by hand, and I do have my trusty emacs handy… which means I can do anything… but I can also start working on the feel by starting with page one. Most crap I’d been thinking before was pretty crappy. I like the idea of limiting the front page to a set size; it’ll make it much more coherent, and less rambling. I dislike disorganized, rambling front pages for websites. It just sucks from an aesthetic point. From a true design point too… I mean… it’s a front page. Nothing more, and therefore nothing less.

I think I might have something to start going up by the end of the weekend. Plenty still needs to be worked through, but at least it’ll be something.

I might have the ambition to get some more pics scanned in to go up in gallery, and I’m hoping to get a good deal of the way into a couple more things I have sitting around waiting for me to do them.

I need to eat.

I have plans for my next sculpture project. 2 pieces, one pennies and wire, the other marshmellows on toothpics. The former is an expression of protection or containment, the latter a statement on identity/individuality. Really tough to explain, but I’m hoping it’ll wind up good. The first relief (self-portrait) is done and ready to make a mold of, and the second relief is started and coming along nicely. I do need to do a more specific/better drawing for it, but mostly my sketches are simply to go by, not for layout. I like these projects waay the fuck more than that damned shoe. I’m not very good at representational, especially duplicational, art. Even my drawing and painting is more abstracted than many people’s.

I’m hungry.

I have an idea for a claymation movie…. dude…. think I’m gonna do it…. It would be awesome, tying in with a painting I never got around to finishing…

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